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On The Issues

​​​​Christine Barnes For State Representative  

                                                                                                      District 71

Making Michigan strong and viable for our children and our grandchildren for decades to come is a top priority. Job growth and fiscal responsibility are foundation blocks for a long term healthy and vibrant state. Keeping our taxes as low as possible allows our businesses to reinvest in their growth.

Our greatest natural resource in Michigan is The Great Lakes. They comprise over 20% of the surface fresh water on the planet. I will always be an advocate for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

I believe strongly in an educational system that will provide the foundation for children to succeed both with higher education and in the skilled trades. Our children and grand children are indeed our future. Investing in them is investing in us.

My husband Tim has been an RN since 1995. Tim is a flight nurse for Parkview Regional Medical Center as well a House Supervisor Nurse for Sparrow Ionia Hospital.  We have several police officers within our family. I will always stand strong with those that run in when most of us run out. Our military, EMTs, firefighters and police will always have a voice with me.

We are NRA instructors. We teach the NRA's Personal Protection in the Home Course. When folks take this class they have completed the required training to apply for their CPL. A true passion of mine is to remove the fear of firearms from my students. I strive to give them the skill set to safely handle and operate a firearm regardless if they are going to concealed carry or learn firearm safety as a life skill. 

                             My Focus

  • Make Eaton County a great place to live, work, and play.
  • ​Advocates for & protects our trades, supports skilled trades education investment.
  • Protect seniors against pension taxes and predatory scandal.
  • Work to hold accountable those responsible for prescription drug abuse epidemic.
  • ​Support farmers agriculture.  Key to Eaton County.